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About Jangaon

Jangaon is a city located in the state of Telangana, situated in the southern part of India. It is a part of the Warangal district and prior to the division of the state it was a part of the Nalgonda district. Since it is a small city, it has a municipality and is a Mandal headquarter of the Warangal district which is the municipal body governing the civic services. It is interesting to know that this town was given a grade 3-municipality status and was upgraded to grade 2 in past few years. It has a population of around fifty-two thousand three hundred ninety-four people. The official language of the village is Telugu and people there also speak Urdu and English.


Geography of Jangaon

The town of Jangaon has a total area of around sixteen square kilometers and is made up of twenty-nine wards. The pin code is 506167. The post office is in Jangaon itself and there are many branch offices situated in Warangal district itself, which is a boon and one of the biggest advantages that the post is delivered in the town.

It is not difficult to reach Jangaon either by road, rail or bus. When travelling by air, Hyderabad is the nearest airport at a mere seventy-seven kilometers from this town and the airport at Vijayawada is also an option, which is at a distance of two hundred and ten kilometers.  When reaching by train, Jangaon has a railway station of its own so it is very easy to reach there. There are many options by bus as there are major bus stations at the big cities from where buses run at regular intervals.

Tourism in Jangaon

There are many places that tourists can see in Jangaon. The town has beautiful temples made with amazing architecture such as the Jain temple, Shree Someshwara temple and Shree Veeranarayan temple. The other places to go sightseeing are Pembarthi, the place where brass artifacts are made.

Shopping in Jangaon

The town has shopping malls, local shops and grocery stores which are almost sufficient unless they need something specific which can only be found in big cities for which they can travel to Hyderabad which is not far.

Hospitals in Jangaon

Jangaon has access to a number of hospitals and nursing home, medical service is possible and good. People do not need to travel to get medical attention especially in case of emergencies. Some of the hospitals with address and phone numbers are listed below: -

  • Vijaya Hospitals
  • Sri Venu Gopala Swami Hospital
  • Jaya Sree Clinic

  • E-mail

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